V5 控制器 遥控器

V5 控制器 遥控器

V5 Controller


使用最先进的V5控制器,以前所未有的方式控制您的机器人。 该控制器将两个模拟操纵杆和12个按钮打包成熟悉的视频游戏风格设计。 可充电电池可确保足够的电量,让您通过多个课程或一整天的比赛。

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Real-time Feedback

With its Monochrome LCD screen, the V5 Controller provides users with instant feedback from the Robot Brain. Programmers can send data and multilingual text to the screen for debugging and driver information.


The V5 Controller includes a programmable haptic feedback that can be triggered as events happen, such as intaking an object. The Controller's integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery can provide up to 10 hours of life on a single charge. With its USB port, the Controller can be charged in multiple ways such as a wall socket, laptop or USB power bank.