V5电机 / 智能马达

V5电机 / 智能马达

V5 Smart Motor


V5智能电机的功能是2线电机393的两倍多,并将集成编码器和电机控制器集成在一个紧凑的封装中。 使用可互换的齿轮盒定制速度和扭矩。

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Mechanisms such as flywheels and arms do not need large external gear ratios when the driving motor is already outputting a targeted output speed or torque. Therefore, changing internal gear ratios to fit specific needs allows more efficient and compact mechanisms to be designed. Use the clear window of the V5 Smart Motor to identify one of three user-changeable colored gear cartridges:

  • 36:1 (100 RPM) - High torque, low speed. Great for robot arms and lifting heavy objects
  • 18:1 (200 RPM) - Standard gear ratio for drive train applications
  • 6:1 (600 RPM) - Low torque, high speed. Best used for intake rollers, flywheels, or other fast moving mechanisms




V5 Smart Motor (276-4840)

  • (1) V5 Smart Motor w/ 18:1 Gear Cartridge

V5 Motor 36:1 Cartridge (276-5840)

  • (1) V5 Motor 36:1 Cartridge (100 RPM)

V5 Motor 18:1 Cartridge (276-5841)

  • (1) V5 Motor 18:1 Cartridge (200 RPM)

V5 Motor 6:1 Cartridge (276-5842)

  • (1) V5 Motor 6:1 Cartridge (600 RPM)